Creating Characters


A little while ago, I came across another writing contest that I desperately want to enter (you can check out the Bling! Diamond Awards on my Check It Out page). This contest, however, requires a contemporary romance.

So for now, Daralis and Merek have been put aside. I know, I know. Sad news. And they’re pretty annoyed with me right now, but it can’t be helped. In order to enter this contest, I need to have the manuscript at least 3/4 finished. And I haven’t even started writing it. Whoops. Thankfully, I still have four months in which to do so.

The first step I’m taking–and something I’ve actually never done before–is to create my characters. And WOW! Has this lead me to some great story ideas, and not just for my two main characters for this book! So far, I not only have this first book, which I’m tentatively calling Saving Grace, her middle brother’s story is coming out in his character development worksheet (with a tentative title of Redeeming Isaac, though “redeeming” might work better for Grace’s other brother). And, today I got a great idea for her oldest brother’s story (he’s actually already married, but not everything is wonderful in his little world). Aaaaannnnnd, just now, Grace’s best friend and Adam’s best friend just met in my mind and there are some sparks! And differences. Lots and lots of differences. (Think city girl and cowboy and differing ethnicity’s.)

I’m super excited at what God is pulling out of my head with all these ideas! This hasn’t actually happened very often, so I’m going to take notes and start asking people for insights! But first, I suppose I should really start writing Grace and Adam’s story. 🙂

Oh! If ever you’re looking for a character worksheet in order to meet your people, check out author Jody Hedlund’s worksheet (this is the sheet I’m using for Grace and Adam).

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