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5 Things I’ve Learned From My Critique Group

One of my critique partners (I have four WONDERFUL ones!) just posted this, and I thought I would share it. Teresa told me she would love to know what I would add to it, too. So, here are my additional “learnings” to her five. 🙂

6. When you emotionally and mentally lose it, your critique partners are there to help you back up. A month or so ago, I got a crit back on a new manuscript I started working on that I thought was great. When I read the critiques, I cried, questioned if I should even be writing, and was completely discouraged. Then my ladies started messaging me, commenting on my Facebook status…you name it. Their love, their encouragement, and their hand out to help me up gave me such a knowledge of love and warmth. Teresa is right: other writers want you to be a better writer. And they do it with love.

7. When you get to know these authors, you realize that they have a story…and sometimes that story is very similar to your own. I discovered this with one of my critique partners. And you know what? It was a sorrowfully beautiful connection. Sorrow because I’m heartbroken at what she went through, beautiful because she was open about it and we had that connection. And happy because of where she is today. Normally I can’t stand technology, but I’m so thankful for God using it to bring me, Holly, Teresa, Shawna, and Amy together to share in this journey.