I’ve been struggling for the past while to figure out what the Lord wants me to write. And I do believe, through prayer, I’ve found the answer.

I’ve always been drawn to humorous love stories. I love the deep, meaningful books full of gorgeous prose and imagery, but each time I try to write in that vein, I get stuck. Kind of like God is trying to tell me that He has other plans for me. Instead, I play the comparing game and think that if I don’t write the deep prose, I’m not as talented or hard-working as those other authors.

Lies, my friends.

I was at a coffee shop, brainstorming with three other authors yesterday morning and mentioned this to them. One of them, a very dear friend, said that there is a place for humorous love stories, especially in the lives of those going through some very difficult times.

So where does that leave me? Writing humorous love stories woven with faith. Hence, my new tag line: faith. fun. forever.

Right now, I’m finishing up some revisions to my debut release, titled Count Me In, before it goes off to my wonderful editor. Keep your eyes open for a firm release date! And please sign up for my newsletter. You’ll only hear from me when I announce a new release, or have a giveaway happening. To learn more about Count Me In, visit its page here on my site:

3 thoughts on “Books

  1. Thank you for being so honest and truthful. I definitely relate and understand the struggle with the comparing game. Sometimes I get caught up in it and I feel like “I’m not good enough” or “I’m not talented enough.” But I always try to take a step back and remind myself that those are lies intended to steal, kill and destroy. And I know God has beautiful plans for me, all I need to do is trust Him and step out in faith. I’m so happy and encouraged that you were able to.


    1. Thank you so, so much, Chanel. That means a lot to me, especially that you were encouraged! God does indeed have plans for us, and as long as we trust Him and follow his lead, we’ll be in His will and can’t go wrong. Believing those lies is so easy to do, but it sounds like you’re quick to catch on and change your thinking. ❤


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