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Here are some other authors that I think you’ll love! Please check them out. They’re incredibly supportive of me, so I want to return that. Plus, I think you’ll love their books!

I’ve had the incredible blessing of meeting four incredible women through ACFW. We’ve formed our own smaller critique group. One woman, Holly Michael, is a published author. Correction: a fantastic published author. Please check her out! While Teresa TysingerShawna Young, and Angela Jeffcott aren’t yet published, they will be (soon, I have no doubt!) and are worth following. My other critique partner, Amy, doesn’t yet have a site you can follow her on, but keep an eye on this page…it won’t be long.

USA Today Bestselling author, Tamara Leigh. An absolutely beautiful, sweet woman with extremely romantic medieval stories and fun, romantic contemporary stories!

My dear, sweet Pepper D. Basham is a phenomenal author! Full of poetic prose, deep romance, and–in her contemporary novels–hilarity! Please believe me when I say you do not want to miss out on her books. I can keep gushing, but you’d all gag.

Author Dawn Crandall writes historical in first-person, and is incredible at it! She has a fourth book in The Everstone Chronicles coming out soon (October 2016) called The Cautious Maiden. You will want to read the first three books in this series if you haven’t already. And if you have…reread them.

Amber Lynn Perry is a beautiful woman, both inside and out! She writes historical during the American Revolution, and is very talented!! And she’s a Seahawks fan. Hello! Can’t go wrong. I love her to bits.

Here’s one for everyone, including the guys! Ronie Kendig is an AMAZING author! Her tag-line is Rapid-Fire Fiction, and that it is!! She focuses on action adventure and military stories, but just recently finished a a fantasy novel (I believe it was the first draft, but don’t quote me on that!).

For some romantic suspense and romance (both with a “kick of wasabi”), check out Camy Tang! She’s funny, fun, and if she lived near me, she’d be a bestie. For real. I’ve already informed her of this. She also writes Regency under the pen name Camille Elliot.

Are you a fairytale fiend (like me)? You’ll want to read Melanie Dickerson‘s retellings! I believe she writes more for the YA audience, but honestly, I didn’t even know that for a long while. Love her stories!

Lisa Phillips is an ex-pat (like me–except British, unlike me) who writes romantic suspense. She’s a funny lady and writes great books!!

So, Carrie Schmidt isn’t an author, but she is a reviewer extraordinaire!! You can trust her recommendations and reviews to lead you to authors old and new. Please go see her and keep up-to-date on her blog, Reading is My Superpower.

Oh goodness, I could seriously go on! Especially since I have more authors on my friend’s list on Facebook! 😉 If you need any more recommendations, please feel free to contact me! Or I could be writing this


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