Well, Coconuts.

Today was the day that the Blurb2Book contest semi-finalists (those moving on to stage 2) were announced, and I didn’t make it. Congratulations!!!! to those who did! I’m beyond thrilled for you!

I actually didn’t expect to move past stage 1 only because I realized (a little too late) that my novel isn’t quite what Love Inspired was looking for in a historical book. But I still learned…and even more importantly, received great encouragement and the courage to enter more writing contests! The Blurb2Book contest doesn’t give feedback, unfortunately, but it was the first contest I’ve ever entered, so I’m proud that I did it, nonetheless.

I won’t hear back from the other two contests for a while (one is on May 17th and the other is a long while later). I also plan on entering another writing contest that has a deadline in August–this one will actually be a contemporary story…and needs a finished manuscript, I do believe. So! As soon as my class is finished (just four more weeks!!!!), I plan on getting started on that manuscript!

Thank you all so much for all your encouragement!

…And keep it coming. 😉

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