Wedding Wednesday: A Steampunk Wedding

Wedding Wednesday (1)

So this is a last-minute post. It’s Tuesday night and I just realized tomorrow is Wedding Wednesday! Eek! So I went to peruse Pinterest (duh) and was struck by the realization that I haven’t (gasp!) done a Steampunk wedding! Because yes! (Wait for the cake, you guys. To. Die. For.)

The dress:

From Cos Couture

I. Love. This. Dress. And that’s really all I can say. Because it’s gorgeous.

The shoes:

From Style State

Okay. So these are more scroll work than steampunk, but still. I love them.

The rings:

From Green Lake Jewelry Works

How cool are these??

The cake:

Sweetlake Cakes from Arsenic in the Shell

I die. (Yes. That is a real cake.)

The invitations:

From Shimmering Ceremony

I die. Again.

The guestbook:

From Saimba

Would this not make a fantastic guestbook for a steampunk wedding?

So? What did you think? Would you do a steampunk wedding? I’ll admit it’s not my normal style, but I can’t help but love it!


7 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesday: A Steampunk Wedding

  1. Next you’ll need to do an ‘undead’ wedding so you can stop dying 🙂 (although, I’m pretty wowed by those rings and the SHOES! *WANT* Though I’d really die if I wore them…probably, or someone else would.

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    1. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I probably *should* do one!! 😉 And YES! I so badly want those shoes AND rings!!! I have exactly one pair of shoes that high, but I can’t wear them and it saddens me. But if I can find kitten heels in this shoe, LOOK OUT! 😉 And those rings? Yes. I want them. Badly.


    1. LOL!! I actually thought seriously about becoming a wedding planner, but didn’t know if I’d have the patience for those few “bridezillas.” 😉 (Thank you!)


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