Wedding Wednesday: Over the Top Glam

Wedding Wednesday (1)

Welcome to my very first Wedding Wednesday!! This is where we bat around fun wedding ideas, themes, drool over dresses, and even rings. So let’s get this party started!

In each of my stories, there’s going to be a wedding. I can’t help it. I just can’t! I blame Pinterest. For real.

So, I’m all about the glam in my little dream world. But that’s not practical. Or cheap. So for our first Wedding Wednesday, I thought about keeping it simple.

I know. I laughed hard at that thought, too.

Glam it is!

Because, in my mind, the wedding revolves around the dress, let’s start there!

The dress:


Ralph Russo Couture Fall/Winter 2014-15

Look at that detail!

The reception venue:

Article from MODwedding uploaded to Pinterest:

Um…I drool.

The ring:

Uploaded to Pinterest from Skinner Auctions:

Because a dress that royal neeeeeeeds a ring this royal.

The cake:

Made by Liz Gater Sheridan of Fantasy Cakes Fantastic Tastes in Westport, Ireland. Uploaded to Pinterest.

Uh, yes. That is a cake. Shocked me too! It’s gorgeous.

And finally, the flowers:

Article from MODwedding uploaded to Pinterest:

Believe it or not, I had the hardest time choosing flowers! There are so many beautiful bouquets out there, and I was tempted to go with a floral and jeweled bouquet, but with all the other over-the-top glamour, I thought a straight floral cascading bouquet would be elegant.

I admit that this wedding would be a little too much for my personal tastes, but I couldn’t help going glam. I’m a sucker for fairy tales, and this reminds me so much of a fairy tale wedding. I hope you enjoyed!

26 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesday: Over the Top Glam

  1. i was totally thinking “fairy tale wedding”!! That cake though… WOW! lol. How would you even begin to cut it? My practical side wars with my fairy tale side constantly 😉 I love Wedding Wednesdays 😀


    1. LOL!! Isn’t that cake jaw-dropping?!?! I tell you, the woman who created that is a genius. Genius!! And yeah, I *totally* understand the warring sides. I live in a fairy tale world that often collides with reality. *sigh* It stinks. Hence, Wedding Wednesdays. LOL!!!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Tam, are you serious?!?! Ohhhh!!! You might have to do a post with YOUR wedding photos!!!! I would loooove to see them. ❤ ❤ ❤ And I totally agree. I fantasy-replan my wedding at least once every week. lol!!


      1. I want a beach wedding so I don’t think that I would ever choose that dress, but in my imagination, that’s similar to what I would WANT to be wearing!


      2. Haha! It’s similar to what I’d want to be wearing, too. I almost went with a beach wedding theme for today. But I couldn’t resist the glam. 😉 Maybe next Wedding Wednesday, two weeks from now! 😉


      3. Ooh fun! I keep going back and forth between glam and glitzy to simple and beachy! Sometimes I think that if I win the lottery I would just have two weddings hahaa! Can’t wait to see your next edition of Wedding Wednesdays 🙂


    1. Bwahahahahahaha!!!!!!! Uh, suuuure. This is simple to me. 😉 Oh goodness, that made me crack up. 😀 I might go simple next time (in two weeks). Maybe. 😉


  2. Hi Mikal, just saw my pillow cake on your page 🙂 wow! Thank you for the post. Love your blog!
    All the best Liz Gater Sheridan – Fantasy Cakes Fantastic Tastes x

    Liked by 1 person

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