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A Whole New World

And now I have that song stuck in my head!

Most publishers these days really like to see authors have followers on social media before they offer a book contract. So what do you do?

Create a FB page and a web site to get that rolling! My WIP (work in progress) is only about halfway there (well…maybe a little less than halfway!), but I took an important step today and joined American Christian Fiction Writers. I’m terribly excited that this journey is picking up speed! And I’m even more excited that you’re coming along! So keep your eyes peeled for updates as I continue work on my novel…and complaints about how school gets in my way. *snicker*


Mikal Dawn is an inspirational romance author, wedding enthusiast, and proud military wife. By day, she works as an administrative assistant for an international ministry, runs her kids to all their sports, and drinks lots of coffee. By night, she talks to figments of her imagination as she attempts to write while dinner is burning. And drinks lots of coffee. When she isn’t writing about faith, fun, and forever, she is obsessively scouring Pinterest (with coffee in hand, of course!) for wedding ideas for her characters. Originally from Vancouver, Canada, Mikal now lives in Oklahoma with her husband, Mark, two of their three children, and one ferocious feline.

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