That moment when…

You know how you work hard on something? And you don’t let anyone read it with the exception of a few other writers (who have helped tremendously with point of view and “showing, not telling”)…until that one moment you find out about a contest that could potentially lead to a publishing contract. That moment? Yeah. I just had that moment. And suddenly, I have officially entered a contest that could see me racing to finish my work-in-progress by mid July. Of course, I have to finish this crazy capstone class I just started today, too. But priorities. 😉

So while this post is short because I’m exhausted, it’s a joyful post because God is really giving me the go-ahead and courage to start putting myself out there. Whether I advance to the next stage of the contest (it’s three stages) or not, the reward of just pushing “send” and having faith in Him is enough.

Now I think I’ve deserved my pillow. Goodnight!

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